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About Heavy Metal Knives

How this all started...

My daughter, age 12 was on her way to school with her brother, age 11 to play at the local park. On the way to school, she was confronted by 5 fellow classmates and she sensed trouble from the gang of people. They started running towards her and she started running home which luckily was only a couple blocks away but unfortunately for my daughter the girl caught up to her and she was swung onto the ground by her hair and was beat to a bloody pulp by one of the 5 in the group. The other 4 were recording what was happening and finally the girl stopped after repeatedly punching and scratching my daughter over and over again. I called the police as soon as she notified me of what happened and believe it or not, the police were not there until repeated calls to the police station of what occurred that day and they finally showed up 2 hours later. We were hoping that they would have released the video on social media so that we had proof of what happened. I spoke to the prosecutor and he told me that there was nothing they could really do in a situation like this because it was her word against ours and not to mention that she is a juvenile. Well turns out that out of the 5 that had ganged up on her that day at the local park, couldn't resist NOT posting the video on social media because eventually a week later it officially posted. I couldn't believe what I had seen and to be quite honest, I had to stop the recording because I wasn't able to watch it. It was that bad. I had previously been in the industry for about 6 months prior to this incident and this was an inevitable, natural and seamless move for me to make in my professional career. I told myself why not allow my daughter to be equipped with all the essential tools needed to protect herself and so that's the aha, light bulb moment, that made me start this business! I am a parent of three beautiful children and that was enough to make me start the business and sell the products I now have today. I have since put her in self defense courses but the moral of this story is that #1 everything happens for a reason. True true believer in that and #2 it led me to the path that I am on today!

I love what I do and the types of products I sell because they are excellent quality products but more importantly, they serve a purpose. Every single item serves a purpose. I wish that day she had something to protect herself but she didn't and maybe if she had a can of pepper spray for example, this maybe wouldn't have happened. So that's when everything started for me with the next obvious business move and I took a chance and it panned out for me.

I first started selling on Ebay. At first it was very small and to be honest, I made a few sales here and there with about 20-30 SKU's. Nothing big at all. Slowly slowly I started noticing business pick up and I started ordering more and more products which now it has turned and grown into something I never imagined would ever happen. I have well over 1,000 SKU's and the business is growing day by day. It's at times hard to keep up with but it's nothing I can't handle! :) My motivation to open up this website and some day become one of the top knife distributors in the world, is my day to day motivation and I see really big things to come in the near future!!

I am very excited about this new business venture and have every intention of providing excellent & superior customer service to all that view my website. All products that I carry are brand new in their original packaging. I personally respond to all questions & inquiries and will give my absolute price on every and each item that is on my website. I intend on expanding my product line in order to provide a variation of options for my customers at great prices! Please feel free to contact me for any reason. Please follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram in order to help me expand and grow my business so that it can thrive during these unexpected times in our economy. I hope to learn about each and every customer and will go to great lengths to make my customers happy. We need to help small business owners in order to make this world a better, more productive place and I could use your support in my journey. Please also check out my Ebay seller store. I will be expanding into the Amazon market within the next month or so. I have many who have purchased through me on Ebay and have 100% feedback on almost 1,000 customers in just 3 months. Look for yourself, ratings don't lie!

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